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About The KinderArt Club Team


Hi, we are The KinderArt Club

The KinderArt Club is an affordable online art lesson membership portal for anyone who teaches art to children from 5 to 12yrs.

It is brought to you by the creators of, a nearly 30 year old art education website – one of the very first to appear online!

With our club, you can get creative teaching kids at home, instructing students in a classroom, leading workshops in a studio, or sharing online, as you explore artists, art periods, science, nature, history, cultures and themes, with creativity and flexibility in mind.

Join today for instant access to our colorful collection of art lesson bundles, drawing lessons, sketchbook starters, and more – all designed by artists, art teachers and homeschoolers, for children ages 5 through 12 years.

We are SO glad you are here with us!


Andrea Mulder-Slater

I’ve been a professional artist and art educator for more than 25 years and an art curriculum developer for 20 years. I’ve written several books about art for kids and I also write about parenting, creativity and homeschooling (I homeschooled my daughter for 9 years!), for CBCYMCWDishToday’s ParentCreatubbles, the Association of Curriculum Development and Little Passports.

I’ve taught art and art history classes and workshops at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. I’ve worked as an educational consultant on various art education projects and together my mom Jantje (an artist and arts advocate with 40 years of experience working with children of all ages including those with special needs) and I created KinderArt® in more than 20 years ago. Since then, the site has been visited more than 100 million times in the last ten years alone and been featured on and in CTV News, USA Today, Highlights for Children, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine, CBC, and more.

I studied art at Georgian College School of Design and Visual Arts and did my BFA coursework at Thomson Rivers University.

My passion lies in helping teachers and parents bring out the creativity in their children, even if they don’t consider themselves artists. My detailed child-tested lesson plans are easy to implement, and are guaranteed to promote creative exploration in small or large group settings. Most of all, the lessons are effective and they encourage individuality.

My method of teaching focuses on individual creative exploration. So with that in mind, each pack or bundle contains several lesson plans designed to be adaptable, meaning you can use them for a wide range of ages. In this way, you can cover the same skills and techniques with all of your students while giving them the freedom to learn at their own level.

So, instead of prepping for a multitude of lessons for all of your classes, you only need to prep for one!

We have helped thousands of adults teach art to kids and we know we can help you too!


Jantje Blokhuis-Mulder

Jantje (Jan) is Andrea’s mom 🙂 She is an artist and arts advocate with years of experience working with children of all ages including those with special needs.

Jantje loves working with young people and sees the enormous impact art makes on the lives of children. She is passionate about arts education and is personally responsible for the creation of an innovative outreach program at a public gallery where she served as director. This program ensures that all children in her local community have the opportunity to study art. She is also instrumental in providing music education to local schools through a performing arts organization where she serves on the board of directors.

Jantje, together with Andrea, created KinderArt® in 1997.

Today she continues to develop content for the site as well as answer visitor questions.


Geoff Slater

Geoff is a Canadian artist (and Andrea’s husband).

In addition to creating images using watercolor, acrylic and graphite, he also makes prints using woodblock, intaglio and lithograph techniques. His unique style of painting (which he invented ten years ago) is known as “Amaze Art” or line painting. These are images that are created using one continuous line. He is also a muralist who creates large scale outdoor art.

In addition to working with at-risk youth, Geoff creates many of the wonderful illustrations and drawing guides you see within our lesson plans.

He studied landscape design at Fanshawe College, fine art at Georgian College and printmaking under a master printer.


Moriah Petch

Moriah is a self-taught artist with a BA in Psychology and 14 years experience working with children and youth. 
She has successfully operated her own children’s art studio for the past 4 years and she loves helping children explore their creativity in fun and engaging ways. 
She knows that artistic expression is incredibly important, and her teaching philosophy is based in the belief that children should be allowed to make their own choices within given parameters in order to explore their creativity.
Whether it’s through drawing, fiber art, painting, clay, or working with found objects, Moriah is always looking to open up new creative avenues and create out-of-the-box projects for kids of all ages. Most importantly she loves helping children have fun while learning core skills and creating art that makes them proud.
Moriah nurtures a love-for-art spark in every child, which makes her a valued member of our team.

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