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DID YOU KNOW? KinderArt Club Members have FULL access to ALL of our Art Lesson Bundles

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

Now is the time for you to get the support you need to teach art to children ages 5 – 12 years. Think of us as your creative lifesaver.

All you need to do is log in, print and teach.

It’s that simple.

Read on to find out more and don’t miss our backstage tour! (Find that further down the page).

We Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Whether you’re a brand-new, or a been-around-the block Art Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Parent, Homeschooler, Art Studio Owner or Community Volunteer, The KinderArt Club will give you the tools you need for success while teaching art to kids.

It’s packed with a colorful collection of art lessons, drawing guides, sketchbook starters, book recommendations, early finisher activities and curriculum connections for children ages 5 through 12 years.


Parents, Homeschoolers & Volunteers


Classroom Teachers & Art Teachers

studio owners

Art Studio Owners & Other Art Supporters

Are You Ready?


Gain the confidence you need to teach art and encourage creativity, even if you aren’t an artist.

Become prepared, confident and ready to teach your young artists.

Stop spending your free time searching for art lessons.

Explore artists, art periods, science, nature, history, cultures and themes, with creativity and flexibility in mind.

Teach the elements of art and principles of design, naturally and organically.

Enjoy instructing children in a classroom, leading workshops in a studio, teaching kids at home, or sharing online.

What's Inside The KinderArt Club?

When you join us a member, you will have instant access to every one of our hundreds of beautiful art lessons, organized and packaged in themed bundles (all unlocked and available to you any time you want them).

Plus: curriculum planning, sketchbook starters, printable creativity pages, information booklets, how to draw lessons, a community of like-minded friends, support and… peace of mind.


Our lesson plans and activities are designed using the tested and proven KinderArt Method, which means they are adaptable and can be used with a wide range of ages and skill levels, saving you hours of prep time.


Plus, you can plan your year with our E.A.S.Y. Curriculum Guide E.A.S.Y. = Exploring Art Simplified for the Year

With our guide, calendar, planning pages, outlines and lesson logs, you will be able to organize your year using our lesson plans.


2023 KINDERART CLUB - info book

But don't take our word for it...


“The KinderArt Club has helped me organize lessons better and has given me new ways to explore artists that I had previously thought “too difficult” for my young students.

My favorite part of being in The KinderArt Club is the community of art educators that share ideas and best practices along with the materials and lessons from Andrea and the KinderArt crew.”

~Jennifer W.


“The KinderArt Club has saved me countless hours of research, learning and preparation to scaffold learning for all manner of art activities with my students. In an overloaded curriculum with night and weekends full of planning and resource making, the club has brought enjoyment and inspirational ideas that I can easily bring into my classes!

I love the amazing selection of resources and how complete the bundles are! I have been able to learn and upskill myself from the extensive resources available. I’m able to cast relevant ages to a screen to easily share steps and process before my class dives in. For any art undertaking, The KinderArt Club is my first stop!”

~Moana O.


“I’m so grateful to have found The KinderArt Club. I get compliments on my classes all the time.

For the first time ever, I have been teaching a pre-school art camp. I was able to use your lessons, slightly adapted. And in one of my classes, I had a 3 and 5 year old AND three almost 7 year olds, so the adaptability of your projects was vital and amazing. I am at a private, non-profit art school, so we often have to determine, skills versus age. A few years ago we had three 10 year olds, who were in the teen class!

KinderArt has been my guide for school age to retired adult, and even Memory Care and Assisted Living patients.

Thank you sooo much.”

~Mary W.


“When I decided to homeschool, I knew art would be important and I desperately needed an easy to implement, ready-made curriculum that could work with multiple ages and be easy for me to teach (I am not an artist and notoriously bad at drawing). The KinderArt Club has made teaching art not only possible, but a joy!

Each lesson is well laid-out, achievable in about an hour, and fun for everyone from age 2 and up. I’ve loved being able to go through the art history sections and connect our art to what we are studying in history. I love the books and videos recommended, and I loved having an easy list to follow for supply shopping.

I love how easy it has made teaching art! I can spend time prepping or I can find a project in 5 minutes or less. The variety of lessons and the detailed instructions have been really helpful for me to teach art to my kids without knowing a ton about it myself.

I love it!”

~Jessica W.

“The KinderArt Club is a LIFESAVER. I am a music teacher who also has to teach art. I tried the first semester buying lessons from TPT and looking on Pinterest. The problem was either no instructions, not enough instructions, or not developmentally appropriate for age levels. I did a hot mess chalk pastel project with 1st grade and literally had nightmares about chalk pastels. Very messy and the projects looked terrible. It was that weekend that I joined The KinderArt Club.
Your club is affordable and I LOVE how it’s for K-6. I can do the same project with everyone and that really, really helps this first year art teacher out. The other art subscriptions are so expensive and honestly over my head. Thank you for being affordable and doable. Also, thank you for the art supplies section – this helped me greatly in knowing what I needed to be able to do your projects next semester.”
~Ashley D.

“I have already used the elements bundle for a week of art activities! I can plan for a specific theme without having to spend hours surfing around, looking at lessons I have seen a hundred times. I love that the lessons in The KinderArt Club are not the same old thing. And they can be personalized by each student in their own way… the opportunities to choose colors, shapes, and designs give each piece their own individuality.”

~Cheryl R.


“The KinderArt Club has taken the guesswork out of what to teach to which grade level. I appreciate how each art lesson can be applied to different ages, and the lessons are written and organized very well.”

~Stacy K.


Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

I’m Andrea Mulder-Slater an artist, writer, art teacher and art curriculum developer with more than 25 years of art teaching experience and 13 years of homeschooling under my belt. I continue to teach art to middle school students once a week, high school school students for 9 week blocks and elementary students occassionally.

My mom Jantje Blokhuis-Mulder (that’s her on the right), is an artist and arts advocate with 40 years of experience working with children of all ages.

Together, she and I have taught more than 25,000 children and adults in person. Since 1997, we have shared fun and creative ideas with 80 million visitors to our website. In 2018 we decided to pool our knowledge and experience to create The KinderArt Club so that we could help rockstar art teachers like you achieve amazing success in their art rooms. We’ve helped 1000s of you so far and we absolutely love spending our days supporting our club members!

As a member you’ll have access to all archived materials, you can join our private discussion group where we have fun conversations and support one another and you will receive personalized help from Andrea and Jantje (the creators of KinderArt). 

Ready to Join Us?

Gain INSTANT access to EVERYTHING inside The KinderArt Club

(with materials for K-6 / ages 5-12yrs)

Select your membership payment choice below


The KinderArt Club is backed by a 7 day money-back guarantee. 

If during the first 7 days after becoming a member, you find the club does not meet your needs, you can let us know and your subscription will be cancelled and your payment refunded.

Fine print here.

Monthly Membership $17.99

Cancel Anytime

Billed Monthly

89 Art Lesson Bundles (330+ lessons) for K-6 (ages 5-12yrs) & More Added Regularly. (Everything is UNLOCKED as soon as you join).
200 Sketchbook Starters / Early Finisher Cards
Art Resources (Artist Bios, Art History 101 Guides, Worksheets, Coloring Sheets, and More)
200+ How To Draw Lessons
Instant access to ALL Archived Materials, with nothing to unlock.
Entrance into the KinderArt Club Community Group
Regular Support
This price will be locked in for the lifetime of your membership. As long as you remain a member, your fees will not go up.
Cancel anytime
Money-back guarantee
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Billed Annually

89 Art Lesson Bundles (330+ lessons) for K-6 (ages 5-12yrs) & More Added Regularly. (Everything is UNLOCKED as soon as you join).
200 Sketchbook Starters / Early Finisher Cards
Art Resources (Artist Bios, Art History 101 Guides, Worksheets, Coloring Sheets, and More)
200+ How To Draw Lessons
Instant access to ALL Archived Materials, with nothing to unlock.
Entrance into the KinderArt Club Community Group
Regular Support
This price will be locked in for the lifetime of your membership. As long as you remain a member, your fees will not go up.
Cancel anytime
Money-back guarantee
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Prices are in US dollars

Prices are in US dollars

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For Purchase Orders, please contact Andrea

What makes us different from all the other art teacher memberships out there?

First, we’ve been at it longer than anyone else (since 1997!).

No, really.

Also, there’s this…



You can tap into our many years of experience as artists, art teachers, art studio owners and homeschooling parents (and grandparents).

When kids participate in art making, they are taking part in life-changing activities that will shape their futures in a positive way. We eat, sleep and breathe art and we love helping our members teach art to children. We’ve been doing it for more than 25 years, and we’ll continue to do it for many more.



We’re are not into marketing tricks that panic you into signing up at certain times of the year. We are here to give you creative, proven and truly helpful materials – any time you need them. So if you need to sign up today because you are teaching a class tomorrow, we’re here for you!



Because we are artists, we are passionate about sharing effective, child-tested lessons that are easy to implement, and are guaranteed to promote individual creative exploration – whether you are teaching at the kitchen table, or in a large group setting.

We live and breathe art and are excited to share our excitement.


We provide you with ideas that don’t cost a fortune to try because our main concern has always been to make use of readily available materials that parents and teachers already have. On top of that, our membership is priced in such a way that you get enormous value for your hard earned money.



We aren’t a huge operation with layers of staff. We are a family 🙂 This means, when you write to us or call us, you will get a personal response from us, and that’s what we call friendly.




Our lessons are designed to be adaptable, meaning you can use them for a wide range of ages. In this way, you can cover the same skills and techniques with all of your students while giving them the freedom to learn at their own level. So, instead of prepping for a multitude of lessons for all of your classes, you only need to prep for one. 





Before You Go...

I’m Andrea Mulder-Slater, Co-Founder of KinderArt and The KinderArt Club.

I’ve been teaching art for more than 25 years and developing art curriculum for nearly that long.

My first foray into the art room was as a last minute fill-in for an absent teacher. I was in my early twenties and found myself teaching sculpture to 35 fourth graders with little to no supplies.

It was definitely trial by fire!

Not long after, my mom and I began teaching art at a local art gallery where money was tight and supplies were limited. I can’t tell you how many times we walked into the art room, only to find another instructor had made off with the basket of paints we were planning to use that day.

Talk about having to think on your feet.

Today, after teaching art to more than 5500 children and 15,000 adults in public and private school classrooms, art galleries, my own art studio and as a homeschooling mom, I know what works in the art room and what doesn’t.

And I’m here to share my expertise with you 🙂


One Last Thing

We decided to create The KinderArt Club, because we wanted to design a resource where teachers and parents could find the kind of help we wish we had when we were first starting out.

We wanted to simplify the process of teaching art to children.

It isn’t our job to “build” creative children, but rather to encourage their natural inclination to be creative. Our passion lies in helping adults bring out the natural abilities in children, (even if they don’t consider themselves artists).

As such, our detailed child-tested, teacher-approved lesson plans are easy to implement, and are guaranteed to promote creative exploration in small or large group settings. Most of all, the lessons are effective because they encourage individuality.

Remember, children are only young once. Embrace this time and take the opportunity to enjoy “I can do it!” moments with the next generation.

Keep creating and we can’t wait to see you in the club!

The KinderArt Club is an effective and affordable art lesson membership portal, from the creators of

Questions? Contact Andrea.

Please review our cancellation policy.


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