Teaching Tips: Art Portfolios


Recently, some of our members were wondering about inexpensive ways to create portfolios for their students, so I shared a style that I used regularly when teaching in schools.

My daughter also has one of these, but I was unable to track it down 😊

It is made from 2 sheets of poster paper or Bristol board – the kind of thing you can find at most dollar stores (usually 50 cents a piece at the most). The size is 22” x 28” so it can accommodate most artwork sizes.

The bottom and two sides are taped with duct tape which has been folded over the edge of the papers.

The handles are made of folded duct tape which has been taped down on the outside of the portfolio.

This one has grey tape, but duct tape comes in so many colors and patterns, that you can really have fun with the designs.

They are really strong, but could be made stronger if you used recycled cardboard instead of poster paper. And, they can be decorated with markers or paint!


Do you make art portfolios?