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DID YOU KNOW? KinderArt Club Members have FULL access to ALL of our Art Lesson Bundles

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$20 for the bundle

Dragons Complete Art Lesson Bundle

What has scales but isn’t a fish, has wings but isn’t a bird, and has the ability to breathe fire?

Dragons are legendary animals that appear in stories and art from all over the world.

This is a complete art bundle straight from The KinderArt Club. It celebrates dragons with a series of amazing art lessons designed for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6 (ages 5-12).

Includes: 4 step-by-step multi-age lesson plans (Dragon Eyes, Jellybean Dragons, Dragon Drama and Dragon Tails), 5 how to draw guides, a printable/creativity pack and book recommendations.

82 pages of creativity are waiting inside for you!

All for just $20

Looking for Individual Lessons Instead? We have those too 🙂